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My next busking song: Another Love 

I'm busy learning Another Love by Tom Odell. I recently discovered his music and really enjoy it. He's also got a career that I aspire to. He can do sell out world tours but is also relatively not that well known in the popular sense. 

Another Love is one of his most famous songs. On my last day in Berlin last year, I heard a busker playing it and decided that I need to do so as well. I haven't been busking recently because, 1 it's frikken cold, 2 i want a break, and 3 I want to learn more songs. so I've been working on boosting my repertoire and this will be a great addition to it. I'll let you guys known when it's ready, which I'm hoping will be in a couple weeks.

Check it out below!


Updated lyrics for Too Many Pieces 

Too Many Pieces is coming along SOOO nicely. I added a double verse to the original lyrics and it flows much more smoothly now and tells a better story. I've also written a big chunk of the music, which I am so happy with. I feel like I'm becoming the songwriter that I want to be. You'll see what I mean when I release TMP.... WHICH WILL BE SOON! Just bear with me for now. Busking prep is taking up a lot of my time. But slowly slowly, bit by bit, all the pieces of my soul are coming back together I AM DOING GREAT!

Two more months until I start busking!! 

Hey! I've got two more months before I start hitting the road! Literally. I'm going to start busking in August and am working on my repertoire in the meantime. I've finished Tiny Dancer and will record a video of it in a week or two and send it to you. I like to give songs a few weeks to settle in once I've learned them. I find that they start sounding a lot more natural after I've given them a break. 

Until then, I'm working on my next cover, Piano Man by Billy Joel. I've decided to start learning more songs by ear so that I improve my aural skills. I've been doing this with Piano Man and my inner music nerd is tickled pink. I can already see how its bolstering my own songwriting chops. 

As I figure the music out, I also get to see how the song is put together. I read a story that Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc all used to copy out other composers' music and that this helped them immensely to absorb different techniques. So I want to do the same. 

It's quite slow, but I think it'll pay off in the end. You can see, in the image attached, that I work out which lyrics fall on the strong beats and then I start working out the rhythm (in music notation). 

I've also gotten back into writing Too Many Pieces. I've finished writing the lyrics and vocal melody and am starting to write the piano section. Songs take me a while to write because I treat them like compositions. I like to learn and apply new techniques and also give my ideas a chance to develop. 

I completed a songwriting course earlier this year, which has been so useful to me for thinking about how to write good harmony. I'm applying what I learned in that course to TMP. In fact, with each new song, I want to focus on learning something new and then apply that to my song. 

I know I've been a bit quiet of late. I went to South Africa in April and it was divine. I really needed a break. In fact, I completely underestimated how much I need to take regular breaks and also just change up my scenery. Even though I didn't end up completely relaxing (in the Karoo), I did just enough to feel so creatively charged again. I'm already planning my next trip home. This time, to the Karoo! 

I'll keep you updated on how my busking and new music goes!