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Hey there! I'm Sibuor, a South African indie singer-songwriter based in London. I sing and play the piano and love writing pop songs that explore human emotion and experience. 

Mainstream pop is SO limited and boring in today's hyper commercial music industry and I think it's incumbent on indie musicians to start pushing back. I don't want to just be limited to writing songs that are about partying, getting drunk, sex, and being a fierce bitch. I think we're much more complicated and interesting than just that, don't you think?

​I'm inspired by artists like Tori Amos, Björk, Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, Brett Gleason, Tom name but a few. 

And that's where YOU come in! It is pretty tough to build a career in an industry that mainly interested in profit. That means that most indie musicians have to seek alternate employment, which takes away valuable time and energy to write new music. 

By becoming my patron, however, you can help me IMMENSELY! Your patronage can help me get closer to my dream of going full time as a singer-songwriter.Check out some of the rewards that I've given my patrons already - early access to songs, special mentions and performances to name but a few! You are an essential part of the magic.

Shoot me a message if you have any questions. I'd love to chat to you more. 

Let's make some magic together!