Updated lyrics for Too Many Pieces 

Too Many Pieces is coming along SOOO nicely. I added a double verse to the original lyrics and it flows much more smoothly now and tells a better story. I've also written a big chunk of the music, which I am so happy with. I feel like I'm becoming the songwriter that I want to be. You'll see what I mean when I release TMP.... WHICH WILL BE SOON! Just bear with me for now. Busking prep is taking up a lot of my time. But slowly slowly, bit by bit, all the pieces of my soul are coming back together I AM DOING GREAT!

Making music by hand 

I really, really, really, really enjoy writing music. The physical act of writing it. Putting pen to paper and watching the ink absorb and spread out into the paper in fine shards. 

Writing music by hand is a much more fluid process for me than using a computer. When I use my laptop to write, I overlook tiny details that make a song work as a whole. I've seen images of Bach's music, I've seen Beethoven's sketchbooks for his ninth symphony, and I've seen video of Quincy Jones writing out his scores in a meditative state and have always wanted to replicate that. 

Don't get me wrong, computers bring a lot to the songwriting process, everything from speed to experimentation. But, as I was writing out some ideas this week for Too Many Pieces, I noticed just how much foundational detail I missed. One has to really get into the weeds when writing by hand. 

Writing by hand brings me so much closer to the raw material. You have to get deep into the lyrics, rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. Like a Renaissance painter, I have to mix the pigments and binders myself to get the colors I want.  Writing by hand is much harder and frustratingly slow. 

My hope though, is to be able to create something like the Mona Lisa, even if, like Leonardo, it takes me 30 years to make.

My performance outfits 

IMAGINE THIS. Me at a urinal. Wearing a flowing Georgette pair of pants, a dusty pink t-shirt, and topped off with a light pink kimono. There’s a shuffle behind me. The syncopated sli-slishhh-sli-slishhh of a man who’s had too much to drink. A gruff cockney voice erupts from around me “blimey mate that’s a smashin’ outfit you’ve got on. At least you look different to the rest o’ us.” The his thick gnarly hands fumble at his zipper. He sighs, relieved and at ease with his manhood in hand. Excited & self conscious, I pee hard into the pear shaped bowl. And as little drops of pee ricochet out the bowl, like little wet sparklers, I suddenly realize, “yeah bitch, I wear what I like.” 

And this is how and when I realized what my look for my performances needs to be. This is also a (badly lit) clip from my performance last night. but listen how they all stop talking and START SINGING ALONG WITH ME!!

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