My next busking song: Another Love

I'm busy learning Another Love by Tom Odell. I recently discovered his music and really enjoy it. He's also got a career that I aspire to. He can do sell out world tours but is also relatively not that well…

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Updated lyrics for Too Many Pieces

Too Many Pieces is coming along SOOO nicely. I added a double verse to the original lyrics and it flows much more smoothly now and tells a better story. I've also written a big chunk of the music, which I…

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Making music by hand

I really, really, really, really enjoy writing music. The physical act of writing it. Putting pen to paper and watching the ink absorb and spread out into the paper in fine shards. 

Writing music by hand is a much more…

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My performance outfits

IMAGINE THIS. Me at a urinal. Wearing a flowing Georgette pair of pants, a dusty pink t-shirt, and topped off with a light pink kimono. There’s a shuffle behind me. The syncopated sli-slishhh-sli-slishhh of a man who’s had too much…

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North Nineteen gig review

I played at this awesome venue, North Nineteen, on Tuesday as part of the North London Open Mic night. I played all covers, Your Song, Cornflake Girl, and Tiny Dancer. AaaaaND I got to play on a rather handsome Nord…

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Two more months until I start busking!!

Hey! I've got two more months before I start hitting the road! Literally. I'm going to start busking in August and am working on my repertoire in the meantime. I've finished Tiny Dancer and will record a video of it…

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Notes on seven months of sobriety

Waking Up on a Hotel Room Floor in Manchester 

29 August 2021. 6am. Wake up. 

WTF? I’m on the floor. 

DOOF DOOF DOOF. Last night's party's still going on. Please kill that beat!!!! 

Ugh my head! Lord have mercy on…

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My great start to 2022!

Happy new year! How has 2022 started off for you? 

It's been an awesome start for me. First of all, I'm 5 months sober today!! 🥳 I really didn't think that I would be able to do it. But I…

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My music career is taking off 🚀

So last Sunday night, I played my first professional gig. 

Omg. I was so nervous that I was literally one massive drop of sweat and stress. 





I am so happy with it and I’ve been booked

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Even Paul McCartney gets stage fright

“Even Paul McCartney used to get stage fright!” My friend told me. I didn’t talk much about it to her, but I could see that she could see I was upset. Another disappointing performance. How many more must I go

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I'm revamping and performing!


How are you doing? I hope that you’ve been well since the last time we spoke! 

I’m doing really well and I want to share some of that goodness with you ❤️ 

All credit goes to my sobriety. Aside…

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