North Nineteen gig review

I played at this awesome venue, North Nineteen, on Tuesday as part of the North London Open Mic night. I played all covers, Your Song, Cornflake Girl, and Tiny Dancer. AaaaaND I got to play on a rather handsome Nord piano that was DONATED to the venue! Omg! Do you know how much they cost?? Please can someone donate a Nord to me!!! I met and listened some great musicians and I really enjoyed playing for the audience - it was the loudest applause I've ever received! I'm really surprised at how supportive open mic audiences are. In my head, I always envision them slinging a beer bottle at me and me launching myself into the crowd and getting into a fight (umm...haha...). But I've never had an unsupportive audience yet. I'm gonna try and up my game to two open mics a week from now on (I work full time and need to do a ton of other things for my music career, so this is the most I can spare rn). I made a little clip of me playing. I recorded it on my phone so the audio isn't the best, but you can hear what you need to lol. Enjoy!


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