My new album launch: Songlines

You may break, you may mend, you will learn: You have in your hands a clear-voiced reminder of the unnegotiable importance of personal stories, their potential for transformation, their channeling into art, into fractured, crystalline multiples of their creators’ beings.  


The pedagogy of the isolated

2020 knocked us all flat on our backs.

Whilst I was flat out, I took the opportunity to do some reflecting on what I've learned this year... 

It's not "pants," it's trousers.  

I will never get this one. People are…


Paris Hilton and a purple gorilla called Baba Yaga

I was at a wedding reception. I don’t recall anything about whose wedding it was except that there was a massive wedding cake on the stage. Paris Hilton was in the audience. She looked a little different - almost like…


I'm a Nancy Boy

Last night, I dreamt that my former French lecturer, Giuditta, and I worked for Nancy Pelosi. She took us with her on a trip to Durban, I think. We were at my home in Durban and Nancy went into my…